Troy Hayes


Ulta Beauty


Holiday 2019

Tutorial Videos


Creative Director



Beauty tutorials: we all know how they go. Ulta Beauty wanted something entirely different, though. So instead of a flawless influencer sharing their flawless step-by-step routine, I developed a unique, two-person interactive concept. The result: Real conversation, achievable results, and Ulta Beauty as an approachable, authoritative brand.


Leveraging insights to understand what our guests wanted to see, I created relatable problem-solution storylines with talent that genuinely shared the same needs as our guests. The talent were taught by Ulta Beauty experts on camera, and we captured their exchange of tips and tricks organically to achieve their final looks.


The videos below were cut down and featured across multiple social media channels: Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and Facebook.


They performed 3x above Ulta’s video view benchmark and drove ROAS 7% above benchmark.


Director: Sophia Alvarez

Cinematographer: Jon Grace

Production: Rock-a-Doodle

Makeup: Jenna Kristina

Hair: David Lopez

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