Troy Hayes


Ulta Beauty


Seasonal Sizzle Reels


Creative Director

Fresh. Fun. Real. This collection of sizzle reels showcases all of the above in bite-sized, aspirational form. In coordination with our print photographer, my small but mighty team caught each iconic moment of summer, fall, winter and spring for the world to see.


I planned storylines, directed each spot on set, and worked closely with the editor in developing the final cut that would eventually be featured across all our internal and external channels every quarter.

Summer 2019

Fall 2019

Holiday 2019

Spring 2020


Sr. Creative Director: Cara Bonilla


Jon Grace

Photographer: Sasha Gulish

Production: Bauie Productions

Hair: Ammon Carver,

Pekela Riley, and David Lopez

Makeup: Jenna Kristina

Wardrobe: Eddie Schachnow